Web analytics

By measuring all customer touchpoints with a brand, we create a complete picture of an advertising campaign's effectiveness.

We use robust data to facilitate investment decisions and accelerate growth.

Using analytics tools, we monitor everything that happens on and around the website. We examine traffic, observe user behaviour and track the customer journey. This helps us to know which optimisation measures to take to improve the functioning of a website or online shop. In this way, we help to increase the number of entries, improve the bounce rate, reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts, increase the conversion rate, i.e. generate additional profits.

What statistics are worth measuring for a successful campaign?
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The most important advantages

Insightful web analytics offer a number of benefits to your business:



the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.



ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).



you to optimise spend and conversion rates.



you to know exactly what your customers' needs and interests are.



the factors responsible for worthless website traffic.



actions that lead to optimising the customer journey and increasing sales.

Get to know your Customers (even) better.

We collect reliable information about your customers' online behaviour.

We show where users get their information about the products and services you offer. From which devices and at what times they prefer to visit your website. What makes them abandon a purchase. We advise you on what you can do to make the best use of your advertising budget. Where - in which media, through which communication channels - you should run an advertising campaign to reach the most important target groups. How you can improve the order form and increase the number of returning customers.

We increase ROI without additional advertising expenses.

We follow users who visit the website and analyse their engagement when they take certain actions. By optimising conversions early on, we implement solutions that make the website user-friendly for potential customers and the customer journey short, simple and understandable. In this way, we increase the number of visitors to the website while reducing the cost of customer acquisition and minimising the risk of an uncompleted transaction.

Web analytics is a process that involves the collection and thoughtful interpretation of extensive data about broad user behaviour, both within a website or online shop and in the brand environment.

Web analytics

Monitor your marketing expenses. Measure the impact of advertising campaigns. Improve your website's position in organic search results.

Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

Improve the way your business website works - increase the number of potential Customers who visit you.

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