Online analytics

By measuring all the customer's contact points with the brand, we create a full picture of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

We use solid data to facilitate the notion of investment decisions for online activities.

Through web analytics, we monitor everything that happens at the website and in its environment. We study traffic. We observe the behaviour of users. We track the shopping path.

Thanks to this, we know what optimization actions to implement to improve the functioning of the website or online store. As a result, we help increase the number of entrances and reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts, raise the conversion rate.



We obtain reliable information about the behaviour of your customers on the Internet.

We point out, among other things: where do the users get their knowledge about the products and services you offer from? From what devices and at what times they most often visit your website. This makes them resign from buying.

We advise you what to do to make the most of your advertising budget. Where – in what media and channels of communication – to launch an advertising campaign in order to reach key audiences. How to improve the order form and increase the number of returning customers.

We increase ROI without any additional costs for promotion

Following the users visiting the site, we analyze their involvement in the execution of specific actions. By optimizing conversion, we implement solutions early enough to make the website fully customer-friendly, and the shopping path – short, easy and understandable. In this way, we increase traffic to the website while reducing the cost of acquiring a customer and minimizing the risk of unfinished transactions.




 “Web analytics is a process that involves the collection and thoughtful interpretation of extensive data on the broadly understood behavior of users, both within the website, online store and brand environment.” 


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