Positioning of websites

Website positioning is usually one of the first marketing decisions Polish companies make. The main task of positioning is to increase the number of organic sessions.

By positioning your website, we increase its visibility and build a solid source of organic traffic. Our Customers appreciate the search engine traffic generated in this way, which is an effective and highly converting traffic source.

Effective website positioning not only means an increase in organic sessions on the website, but also numerous optimisations that affect the speed of the website and its effectiveness in achieving its goal - be it closing sales or gaining contact with potential Customers. Positioning and optimisation are two inseparable elements of SEO.

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The most important advantages

Website positioning - check what you get out of it:


More organic traffic

to your website from organic search sources.


Constant monitoring.

of keywords.


Higher positions

for your website in Google search results.


Increased conversion and sales

directly through the SEO channel.


Improved visibility

of the website in natural (free) search results.


Increase the effectiveness

of the website thanks to constant optimisation.

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Regardless of whether your website is based on a dedicated system or a well-known CMS such as Wordpress, we can help you optimise and position your website. We design an effective SEO campaign for you.

When working on the positioning of your website, we focus on 3 areas:


On-site analysis and optimisation

We check all types of sub-pages of the website (homepage, sub-pages on products and services, blog entries) for technical SEO. In the case of a blog, we also analyse the usability and the quality of the published content. We also check the correctness of the internal linking as well as the structure of the website. The optimisation of the category tree quickly leads to results, including: increase of the page's position in Google ranking, generation of large and valuable traffic to the website.


Link building strategy

The link building strategy is based on the sales potential of the most important categories. High-quality links are obtained from reliable domains that have a strong relation to the linked category (product/service).


Report on the effects generated

Every month we will send you a report containing a detailed summary of our activities - information on the position of keywords, the quality of traffic and the revenue generated directly from organic (free) search results. We also develop optimisation proposals for implementation on your website.

We improve the position of websites in the Google ranking by using the phrases with the highest sales potential in the industry. Would you like to know what your potential Customers use?
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

Organic traffic is the foundation for successful online sales and promotion. How can you develop it to achieve the best possible results? We will present you with a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the specific characteristics of your business.
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