Social Ads

We build visibility and increase the reach of the brand wherever its customers are.

Thanks to social media we reach with your offer directly to customers

We skillfully use a wide range of targeting opportunities available on Facebook and Instagram to display advertising messages only to the desired audience groups.



Increasing brand awareness in the B2B sector

Through LindekIn we conduct advertising campaigns focused on building a strong network of business contacts. We are quick and effective in gaining leads so that you can easily find valuable colleagues, loyal customers and strong partners in the industry.

We meet consumers' expectations in real time

On Twitter, we briefly talk about the brand and the solutions it provides. We support #sales with timely messages to meet the specific needs of our customers.




 “Social Ads, i.e. advertising in social media, is an unobtrusive form of promoting the brand and its products and services through personalized messages addressed exclusively to groups of recipients interested in the offer. Including potential employees, customers, contractors and business partners.” 


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