CSS for PLA campaigns

Google PLA probably do not need to be introduced to anyone. It is one of the most effective advertising formats, which can now be used up to 20% cheaper thanks to CSS.

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) is a service resulting from the EU antitrust ruling on Google Shopping. These are product comparison sites other than Google Shopping displayed in PLA ad boxes. Attractive PLA rates through CSS allowing CPC reductions of up to 20% are offered by Google to guarantee diversity and allow other advertisers into the service. Given that the PLA product campaign is the cornerstone of sales for most shops with such cost reductions can help maximise ROI or translate into greater opportunities to scale the number of transactions and revenue.

Do you use Google Shopping product ads and want to reduce your CPC by up to 20%?
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The most important advantages

Advantages of using CSS in Google Shopping:


Reduce costs

Lower CPC rates - up to 20% cheaper than a traditional PLA campaign.


Optimisation options

The ability to customise the feed and display elements such as the product name without interfering with the shop architecture.


Diversification of traffic sources

Possibility of several parallel CSS campaigns to work together, which is not allowed for the traditional form of PLA.

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Sell more or lower the cost of your product campaign. Invest in an effective CSS PLA campaign!

Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

We create, run and optimise online shop sales campaigns. Explore the possibilities of CSS in your Google Shopping campaigns!

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