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We use different communication channels and seamlessly combine the dynamic possibilities of online advertising campaigns with the mass message of traditional media. In this way, we effectively advertise brands online - wherever their recipients are present.

Through a well-designed advertising campaign, we reach your audience directly and effectively convince them to interact with your brand. In this way, we generate the conversion you most desire.

We enable our clients to access the CSS (Comparison Shopping Service). Take advantage of FEB's CSS and reduce the cost of clicks on Google Shopping by 20%. Cheaper clicks mean more traffic and higher ROAS for your performance campaign with FEB.
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The most important advantages

Why an online advertising campaign?



constant monitoring of key performance indicators.


Builds and strengthens trust

in the brand, which translates into Customers’ recommendations.


Increases brand recognition

among desired target groups thanks to precise targeting of advertising. For example, depending on consumers' interests or place of residence.


Responds to

current market needs. We are able to change the content of all or individual ads at any time to adapt the campaign to current consumer expectations.


Increases online sales

An online advertising campaign allows you to actively generate leads with the highest buying potential by precisely targeting key audiences. It acquires potential Customers for you who are genuinely interested in making a purchase.



flexible payment depending on the number of clicks, ad impressions or conversions generated.

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We tailor the type of advertising campaign that is most beneficial to your business, taking into account the goals you want to achieve and the needs and expectations of the target audience you want to reach.

Above all, promoting a website or online shop on the Google advertising network means a very large reach, which is conducive to increasing brand recognition and reaching specific recipients efficiently. This in turn increases the likelihood of a conversion.
An online advertising campaign in the Google search engine (Google Ads) works well if you want to quickly find recipients who are currently searching for the products or services you offer. In this case, they are displayed after they have entered a relevant keyword in the search engine - one of many that are tailored to the specific type of business your campaign is aimed at.
Retargeting, on the other hand, is the best solution if you want to interact with recipients who have already achieved a single conversion (e.g. visited your company website, viewed your offer and shop range). Now it is about convincing potential Customers to take a specific action - complete a transaction, fill out an order form, etc.

We analyse the results of the campaign in real time.

We analyse the effectiveness of the campaign throughout its duration. We know how many people saw an ad, clicked on it, went to a landing page (and what they did there), completed an order thanks to an ad. By seeing whether and how the ads displayed influence user behaviour, we optimise the individual advertising messages. This allows them to be even more effective.

 An online advertising campaign is a set of groups of personalised ads (on Google's ad network, search engine, social media, retargeting) that are targeted to reach the audience of a defined target group as accurately as possible.

FEB online advertising campaigns. Increase your sales, lower your marketing costs.

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