GDN campaigns

We run GDN (Google Display Network) campaigns to effectively promote brands online. Through Google's global advertising network, we serve ads on hundreds of websites on topics relevant to your business profile.

By using visually appealing, memorable graphics (GDN banners), we increase brand recognition by reaching the right users at every stage of the sales funnel.

Due to their nature, GDN campaigns are a great addition to both image building and sales activities. They are particularly effective when used as part of brand development activities, such as raising brand awareness or introducing a new product or service to the market (nationally or internationally).

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The most important advantages

Google Display Network campaigns - advantages:


Building and strengthening the desired brand image

Display ads are not homogeneous - we can display them in different formats: graphic banner, text or multimedia (video). However, they have a common denominator - the image. With it, we will present a particular product or service, or your entire offer, in a way that is pleasing to the eye. In this way, we will efficiently create an emotional connection with the recipient - your potential Customer.


Multi-million pound reach

GDN covers websites and applications owned by Google. In addition to Gmail and Google Maps, these also include: YouTube, Wykop, or hundreds of topic-related niche blogs. In other words, places where your Customers are present. When you invest in this campaign, you can be sure that the information about your product or service will go directly to the group of recipients with the highest sales potential, regardless of which websites they visit and which devices they use when surfing the Internet.


Advanced targeting options for display ads

The targeting options available in GDN campaigns allow you to create unique, non-standard solutions that are perfectly suited to the specifics of your business, while enabling you to achieve the best possible results. Example? The combination of behavioural and contextual targeting.


Dynamic remarketing

We recognise that users who come to your website may visit it dozens of times before deciding to make a purchase. We also know that returning visitors generate leads much more often and better than new visitors. Dynamic remarketing on GDN allows you to quickly reach people who are already interested in your offer with a message that reinforces your positive brand image while convincing them to complete the transaction.

Generate interest in your brand and strengthen its image on the Internet.
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The success of a GDN campaign depends directly on the clever targeting of the ad groups so that they are only sent out to certain user groups - given certain circumstances or content. How does this work in practice?

Audience targeting defines a group of key Customers:
● defines a group of key Customers;
● what are their interests, habits? (similar interests and Customer specific similarity);
● what are they looking for, what do they plan to do in the near future? (market target groups, life events and non-standard target groups with similar intentions);
● how did they make contact with the brand? (remarketing target groups and similar target groups).

Demographic targeting includes data on gender, age and parental status.

Customer targeting (based on information provided by your Customers).

Contextual targeting i.e. tailoring display ads to relevant websites based on:
● topics,
● keywords,
● targets.

How do we use campaigns on the Google Display Network at every stage of the buying process?

We increase brand awareness, by broadcasting attractive visual ad creatives that showcase both your brand and offers that are targeted to a broad audience - geographically, behaviourally or thematically. We build lists of recipients with strong buying motives by running display ads that visualise specific product (or service) categories that are narrowly targeted geographically, behaviourally or thematically.

We engage undecided usersby sending them valuable content in a form adapted to their preferences (e.g. professional articles, tests, etc.) and by using dynamic remarketing. We actively acquire valuable leads, by targeting ads to narrow groups of recipients with the highest sales potential.

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GDN campaigns are charged according to the targets you set. If we focus on reach and strengthening brand image, you pay per display. If we want to focus more on engaging the user and initiating an interaction with the ad, you pay per click (CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM).

Only present your products and services to users who have a genuine interest in buying them.
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

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