Allegro Ads campaigns

We help you sell (even) more on the Internet - also on the biggest auction portal in Poland. With an advertising campaign on Allegro, we increase the reach of your offer and thus reach a large number of potential Customers.

Advertising on Allegro allows you to effectively target Customers at every stage of the buying process - from interest to order. Especially if they start their journey in the Google search engine. When they enter a search term related to a product (that you offer) and then click on your ad, they are taken directly to the landing page - your Allegro page.

Increasing sales on Allegro is a goal we achieve thanks to the skilful use of all the advertising formats available in Allegro Ads:
● graphic ads increase brand recognition over competitors,
● sponsored offers, which are displayed in response to user queries in the most popular places on Allegro. With their help, your offer reaches exactly those potential Customers - even before the competition,
● ads in the Allegro advertising network allow you to present your offer on external sites, e.g. within Google Ads (to reach new users) and Facebook Ads (to remind undecided recipients who are interested in your offer but have not yet used it).

Reach Customers at every stage of the sales funnel - and sell (even) more.
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The most important advantages

Allegro advertising campaign - the main advantages:


Effective sales (seasonal, new products)

The ads are displayed to users in response to specific requests. This way you reach customers who are interested in buying the products you offer.


Better visibility of your ads

which are displayed in the most popular places on the Allegro platform. That is, one of the first two places on the list in a given category or in the search results.


Budget under control

You can adjust the budget to your current advertising needs and change it at any stage of the campaign.


Stable industry leadership

By investing part of your marketing budget in Allegro ads that build brand awareness, you minimise the risk of losing Customers to competitors.


Reliable knowledge of rising seasonal trends

that enable you to differentiate your offering.

Effectively sell where your Customers buy - on Allegro.
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An Allegro advertising campaign requires constant, clever optimisation - especially with the Allegro Ads planner. With it, we constantly analyse the average monthly reach of the displayed ads, the CPC costs or the actions of the competition.

You can see the results of our actions both on your company account and in a monthly report - along with an explanation of any changes we have made to ad groups or individual ad creatives to maximise the effectiveness of your actions.

What else can we do for you when we work together on Allegro campaigns?

We will help you create compelling product offers; we will take care of an interesting and comprehensive description adapted to SEO standards, as well as eye-catching graphics.

Strengthen your brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage in the Allegro advertising network. Reach potential Customers before your competitors do.
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

Increase the reach of your listing and make effective sales even on Poland's largest auction platform.
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