Google Ads campaigns

We reach a precisely defined group of recipients (potential Customers) when they search for your product or service.

We carefully create, manage and optimise Google Ads campaigns (AdWords campaigns), including: text, search network, product, image and sales campaigns. In this way, we strengthen the recognition of your brand against the competition, efficiently gain well-converting leads and visibly multiply your sales.

SEM campaigns are characterised by a fast return on investment - the results are already visible after 2-3 months of cooperation. They are also flexible and allow precise adjustment of both the ad creatives, targeting options (targeting specific groups of recipients) and the budget itself - depending on the assumed goal.

SEM campaigns - increase your revenues and at the same time reduce the costs of marketing activities to the necessary minimum.
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The most important advantages

The advantages of Google Ads campaigns:


Precise targeting of ads

to people with specific interests (or purchase intentions). We only show your ads to your potential customers, i.e. users who are actually interested in the products or services you offer.


Budget under control

You do not need to set a minimum amount to “get started”. However, you can set the amount you spend - daily, monthly - on a single ad. And you only pay when the user clicks on it.


Rapid and, more importantly, measurable effects

From the moment a paid advertising campaign is launched, we compile valuable statistics that allow us to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the activities carried out, including the Return On Investment (ROI). The data collected includes: the Cost Per Click (CPC), the number of impressions of each ad (and the cost per 1000 impressions - CPM) or the Click-Through Rate (CTR), the number and value of conversions and thus the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).


Placing ads at the right time

After some time from the start of advertising activities within an AdWords campaign, we can determine when (on which days and at which times) the placement of ads brings the greatest benefit and is most profitable for you.


Building and strengthening the brand's presence on the Internet

A clever combination of precise ad targeting and appropriately chosen pricing strategies offers you real opportunities to attract new groups of recipients with high buying potential - even on a global scale. In this respect, SEM campaigns enable you to achieve results that are unattainable for marketing activities with traditional forms of advertising - in the press, on the radio, on TV or outdoors.


Extensive possibilities to test ads for their effectiveness

For paid campaigns in Google and the search network, we can freely test almost all campaign elements (e.g. pricing strategy, targeting, ad creative design or ad content). The goal is to find optimal settings that maximise the campaign's profit while reducing the actual campaign costs.

Gain new customers quickly and effectively, strengthen your brand awareness and multiply your profit.
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The cost of an SEM campaign includes both the launch and the execution of the campaign, including its continuous optimisation. What exactly are you paying for? A certified SEM specialist will not only create effective ads for you, but also analyse them on an ongoing basis to achieve the defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

GoogleAds campaigns are not activities that generate revenue unsupervised. As they are highly competitive, they require daily work. In practice, this means, among other things: Changes in the adjustment of rates or the selection of keywords that do not generate sufficiently satisfactory results.

What types of paid campaigns can we create for you?


Google search campaigns

tailored to user expectations. We display product ads as a natural consequence of your potential customers' use of certain keywords. With a well-managed search campaign, your ad will appear first in Google's organic search results.


Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns

excellent for Google Ads image campaigns if you want to present your brand, products/services to potential Customers.


Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaign

- advertising products sold in an online shop. We show users the image, name and price (always up to date as Google is constantly updating price and availability information) of the product BEFORE when they go to the shop's subpage. With this campaign format, we are able to promote hundreds of your products at a lower Cost Per Click (CPC).


Lead generation campaigns

- effectively capturing the contact details of potential Customers. The basis of successful sales activities in the B2B sector, where the challenge is to reach specific groups of recipients.


YouTube campaigns

- the effectiveness of TV advertising... without spending hundreds of thousands of PLN.


Campaigns targeting foreign countries

are an ideal solution if you are planning to enter new foreign markets with your products or services. Or if you are already there and want to increase your sales.

Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

Advertising campaigns on Ceneo: effective sales by increasing the visibility of your brand on the Internet.
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