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Ceneo's advertising campaign is an effective promotion on one of the largest price comparison sites in Poland and the second largest in the world, used by approximately 23 million users every month.
In practice, this means maximum reach, clear brand visibility on the Internet and reaching customers at the exact moment they are looking for the products you sell - at the best price.

We increase your brand's competitive advantage by positioning it high up in Ceneo search results. Where are your ads placed? On a category page or a product page; we cleverly choose the display locations depending on the product category and the preferences of the main recipients we want to reach with the message.

Ceneo's advertising campaign is not just reserved for online shops! Thanks to Ceneo Lokalnie, we make your brick-and-mortar shop stand out from the competition - attracting new customers who shop both in the classic ROPO model (Research Online, Purchase Offline) - “look online, buy in shop”, and in the opposite model: “look in shop, buy online”.

Sell where your Customers buy: on Ceneo.
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The most important advantages

Selling on Ceneo means, among other things:


Increasing sales

With Ceneo campaigns you can increase both the competitiveness and the reach (visibility) of your brand. An attractively highlighted offer is a real opportunity for the best positions in Ceneo search results, which translates into more valuable traffic to your website, more conversions and effective sales.


Budget under control

You pay for an ad on Ceneo when a user clicks on it or buys an advertised product through the service. On the other hand, you can purchase the advertising space provided by Ceneo (adapted to display ads on stationary or/and mobile devices) by choosing the most favourable billing model for you:
● ROS (Run On Site) - ad placement on the entire Ceneo website,
● RON (Run On Network) - broadcasting of banners within the Ceneo advertising network,
● FF (Flat Fee) - broadcast of a selected form of advertising on a specific space.


Fast and measurable results

The ads for your products appear in the relevant places on the Ceneo platform immediately after the correct configuration of your advertising account and its successful integration into the shop's product catalogue. From this moment on, we can monitor the campaign's key performance indicators and optimise them according to the adopted business objectives.


Reliable, up-to-date knowledge of market trends and competition

with the help of Ceneo data, we can compete optimally with your biggest competitors and plan and execute promotions according to the forecasts of the evolution of user interest.

Adapt your offer to the trends of your customers' interest - and sell at a profit.
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Compare and react to your competitors' pricing policies. Keep your price close to the lowest offer. You will also find out which products outside your offer users are looking for.

How do the advertising campaigns on Ceneo work? The basic tool is to offer deals within:
● the product page, in the Recommended Offers section (among the first three) - selected by almost 70% of Ceneo shoppers.
● a category page, in the Recommended Offers section (ranked TOP 100). The first page of the category receives 80% of the page views.

Thanks to the auction, we have a direct influence on the popularity of your offer on the Ceneo platform. We also know what to do to make your offer stand out from the crowd - among several hundred competing offers. Through a visually appealing and converting ad creative, designed according to Ceneo advertising standards, we increase your lead in the market. At the same time, we strengthen brand awareness in the minds of potential Customers.

Actively react to the pricing policy of your competitors.
Increase your lead thanks to an effective sales campaign on Ceneo.
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We will keep you informed about the results in reports that summarise the campaign's progress. You will also get valuable insights, e.g. into the activities of your competitors (including changes in pricing policy) or into the state of your offer (e.g. history of positions held, analysis of top products in and outside the offer, trend forecasts for several months).

Reach Customers who are ready to use your offer at the very moment they are actively looking for the products you sell - before your competitors do.
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

Sell more - whether you run an online or brick-and-mortar business.
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Advertising campaigns on Ceneo: effective sales by increasing the visibility of your brand on the Internet.
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