Content audits

Do you publish content on your website and at the same time take care of completing the descriptions for categories and subcategories? Do you run a blog? Are you active on social portals and other channels for communication with the customer?
Content audit, i.e. the analysis of on and off-site content, is the key to optimising your activities!

We check whether the content you publish is attractive to your audience and optimised for SEO.

Analysing the visibility and distribution of content gives you an idea of what you are doing well and also highlights areas that require small or radical changes.

Is a content audit what you need?
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Although audiovisual content is highly valued by audiences because it engages the visual and auditory senses in an attractive way, text remains the primary source of communication. This makes it necessary to pay even more attention to the relevance of the text and the added value it can provide to readers.

Nowadays, more and more companies are focusing on improving the quality of their texts. To find out what they need to work on to ensure that their content brings real value, they often decide to subject it to a thorough analysis.

What topics are covered in the content marketing audit?


Optimisation of texts with regard to SEO

ways to achieve the highest possible positions in search engine results with the website.


Keyword saturation

the frequency of occurrence of phrases in a particular piece of content in relation to the content as a whole.


Link building

optimising a website for search engines through substantially valuable “links”.


Internal linking

links on a particular web page that make it easier for users to navigate.


Keyword cannibalisation

a battle between pages optimised for the same keyword.


Topical authority

distinguishing a website in a search engine's ranking based on valuable content that is closely related to the website's theme.

Appropriate content activities lead to measurable profit.
If your measures do not produce the expected results - then the content must be audited.

The document that is the result of the audit contains information about mistakes you have made in different areas of content activities.
But that is not all!
We know that tips and tricks on how you can avoid these mistakes are just as valuable (if not more so!). That's why we focus on them, so you can really benefit from a content audit of your website. We provide you with knowledge and a set of best practices - with this knowledge you will understand the essence of content measures and take your business to new heights.

Do not wade through the abyss of ineffective content marketing.
Contact us and we will tell you what to look for when creating content for your website.

Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

We will conduct a comprehensive audit of the content on your website and help you optimise it. Contact us!

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