E-commerce positioning

SEO for e-commerce means a significant visibility of the website in the search results through its optimisation and simultaneous sales activities - an effective promotion of the categories offered as well as the products (services) that are crucial for the development of your business.

We increase your competitive advantage by increasing the visibility of your website in search results and efficiently reaching precisely defined target groups with the highest buying potential.

E-commerce positioning enables an increase in organic sessions on your website. In combination with a well-developed SXO audit - a website usability analysis - and a thoughtful optimisation of the customer journey according to the defined business goals, this also enables a higher conversion. What follows from this: Your turnover.

The more users know of your existence, the better sales results you are likely to achieve.
We will tell you how to reach potential Customers quickly.
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The most important advantages

SEO for e-commerce means, among other things:


Increased website



Constant monitoring

of keywords.


Higher positions

of the website in the Google ranking.


of the website in the Google ranking

directly through the SEO channel.


Improved visibility

of the website in the natural (unpaid) search results.


The highest ROI factor

among all forms of website promotion on the Internet.

Be clearly visible on the Internet and let potential Customers find you quickly.
Work with us - and get the highest Google ranking positions among your competitors for the most important keywords for your business.
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The evolution of technology has changed shopping habits - most consumers use the search engine first before making a purchase decision. SEO for e-commerce, thanks to which your website is displayed for specific user search queries, allows you to efficiently reach the largest possible group of potential Customers.

When working on e-commerce website positioning, we emphasise such elements as:


On-site analysis

We check all types of sub-pages of the website (homepage, sub-pages on products and services, blog entries) for technical SEO. In the case of a blog, we also analyse the usability and the quality of the published content. We check the correctness of the internal linking as well as the structure of the website. The optimisation of the category tree brings quick results, among others: increase of the website's position in Google ranking, generation of large and valuable traffic within the website.


Link building strategy

The e-commerce link strategy is developed based on the seasonal sales potential of the most important categories. High-quality links are obtained from reliable domains that have a strong relation to the linked category (product/service).


SXO e-commerce analysis

We pre-evaluate the usability of the website and recommend well thought out changes that will make it both user and Google indexing friendly. We effectively identify and fix all possible UX errors on the website that occur during the customer's journey. By doing so, we encourage potential customers to use your offer, increase conversion rates and generate profit.


A report with the effects achieved

Every month, we send you a report containing a detailed summary of our actions - information on keyword position, quality of traffic and revenue generated directly from organic (non-paid) search results.

Increase your sales through good visibility in the organic search results and succeed in the e-commerce market.
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As part of SEO for e-commerce, we position websites built on different types of content management systems. These include: SaaS (positioning of Shopper, IAI Shop), OpenSource (positioning of Magento, PrestaShop), WordPress (positioning of Woocommerce). The costs for the positioning of an online shop are determined individually in the offer phase.

We improve the position of websites in the Google ranking by using the phrases with the highest sales potential in the industry.
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

Organic traffic is the foundation for effective online sales. How can you increase it so that it brings satisfactory profits? We will present you with a comprehensive SEO e-commerce strategy tailored to the specific characteristics of your business.
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SEO e-commerce. We analyse thoroughly, optimise comprehensively and position e-commerce websites effectively.
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