Local positioning

Local positioning aims to increase the visibility of a company in a specific city or region. This service is mainly for service businesses that want to attract Customers from their immediate area.

Investing in local positioning will increase your visibility in both search results and Google Maps. More people will become aware of what your business has to offer, which will allow you to see an increase in organic sessions.

Local positioning is particularly valuable for mechanics, hairdressers, doctors, dentists, plumbers, construction companies, cleaning companies, kindergartens, restaurants, pastry shops, cafés, etc. Positioning activities make it easier for potential Customers to find the nearest service provider. From the company's point of view, it is one of the basic activities that make it possible to limit expenditure on paid Internet advertising.

If you make it easier for local Customers to find your business in a search engine, you will quickly see an increase in visitors and sales.
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The most important advantages

Local positioning has numerous benefits - including:


More organic traffic

to your website.


Higher positions

of the website in the Google ranking.


Higher visibility of the business

in Google Maps and in the natural (free) search results.


Increase in the number of interested Customers

directly through the SEO channel.


The highest ROI factor

among all forms of website promotion on the Internet.

Be clearly visible in your immediate surroundings and be found quickly by potential Customers from your area.
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Geolocation - the key word for local positioning. Did you know that a search engine returns different results for your search queries depending on where you are located? Just as important as your location is the optimisation of your website and the corresponding saturation with local phrases.

When working on your website's positioning, we place special emphasis on elements such as:


On-site analysis

We review the website from a technical point of view. We analyse both the content and internal elements that are not visible at first glance. We examine the saturation of phrases and the speed of the website. We take into account many other factors that are analysed by Google's search engine algorithms, such as the structure of the website, categories or the correctness of internal linking.


Link building strategy

The link building strategy depends strongly on the business profile. However, we take into account the local dimension of the company's activities and possible seasonal fluctuations in sales.


SXO analysis

A particularly important element for websites whose task is to generate leads. The successful acquisition of such enquiries requires the website to operate efficiently and to be highly user-friendly. We first assess these elements and recommend well thought-out changes that affect both the positioning and the effectiveness of the website itself.


Report on the effects generated

Every month we will send you a report containing a detailed summary of our activities - information on the position of keywords, the quality of traffic and the revenue generated directly from organic (free) search results.

Increase your revenue thanks to good visibility on the local market.
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As part of local positioning, we pay special attention to the Google My Business card and Google Maps. Through appropriate optimisation, your website can increase its visibility and stand out from the competition.

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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

Search engine visibility and traffic are key elements for any local business. We will present you with a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the specific characteristics of your business.
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