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We run blogs that create a communication channel between the brand and its recipients by providing interesting and useful content. By adapting the style to other forms of communication with recipients, blogs are an element of marketing communication that is consistent with other channels.

Proper maintenance of a company blog supports Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and can lead to your website winning the battle with other content by becoming more visible to your audience in search engines. This increases natural traffic from Google and brings more customers to your business who are interested in the products or services you offer.

We create useful blog articles that relate to the businesses' industries and the products or services they offer, showcasing their capabilities, highlighting what needs they can satisfy and illustrating their usefulness in solving various problems. All of this creates a professional image in their field that influences customers' buying decisions.

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The most important advantages

What are the benefits of blogging properly?


It increases the visibility

of the website on the Internet and its position in the organic search results.


Complements and creates consistent marketing

communication with other communication channels.


Creates the image of an expert in the field



Strengthens the credibility of the company



Makes the recipient spend more time on the website



Increases the reach of promotions and sales



Increases conversion rate

by using longer key phrases.


Increases the quantity and quality of leads

By blogging, we attract the interest of customers and thus increase the reach of promotions and sales.

By tailoring content and marketing communications to a group (or groups) of key audiences, we build brand credibility, which plays a role (as one of many elements) in the customer decision-making process.

We increase conversion rates by blogging short and generic keyword phrases as well as long and more specific ones.

A blog that is linked to a website supports its SEO optimisation. However, this only happens if the articles published on the blog are of high quality, cover interesting topics that users are looking for, and are themselves well optimised for keywords and achieve high positions in Google.

The purpose of running a blog is to add information about the products or services offered. The purpose of blog articles is to address industry issues and inform content users, which is crucial for establishing a dialogue between them and the brand.

When running a blog, we pay attention to coherence with other channels of brand communication, creating clear messages. The coherence of the actions carried out and the content prepared accordingly have an impact on various marketing objectives that make up the blog's KPI, including the number of visits to the company's website, which is a reaction to the attractiveness of the content published on the website.

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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

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