SEO audits

We improve the user experience when interacting with your website - so that they come back and convert (much) better.

We analyse all elements of the website (onsite, offsite) and point out specific errors that limit sales potential, as well as areas whose potential has not yet been fully realised.

The focus of the SEO audit is on a detailed analysis of the optimisation of the website in terms of compliance with Google's recommendations for webmasters, including accessibility for users. We find and discuss in a factual manner any irregularities that reduce a website's visibility in organic search results and - as a result - make it more difficult to attract new Customers. We recommend changes whose implementation will really improve the usability of the website. It will receive more and more valuable traffic, making it an effective tool to support sales activities.

What can you (still) improve on your website to generate more conversions? Contact us and order an SEO audit.

A website audit is first and foremost a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your current SEO activities.

An effective website is not only nice to look at, but also user-friendly and suitable for Google's indexing robots. Only a website that has been fully adapted to the current Google optimisation standards has the best chance of achieving a high position in the TOP10 ranking.

What can you do to improve the online visibility of your website?
Step 1: Order an SEO audit!

The most important advantages

What do you learn from a properly conducted website audit?



are the strengths and weaknesses of the website?



does Google rate your website compared to your competitors?



should and should not be done to increase the sales potential of your website?



the structure of the website intuitive for users and conducive to visitor acquisition?

The most important advantages

What do you gain by implementing the optimisation recommendations?


Increase in the number of visitors

to the website


Increase in conversions

on the website


Increased visibility

of the website in organic search results.

What sales potential does your website have and can it be (even) greater?
Find out - order an SEO audit from us!

A website audit is first and foremost a factual analysis of your online presence that provides valuable insights into your company's position on the e-commerce market.

The starting point for our analysis is the current state of the website (traffic, visibility). In the subsequent phases, we check a total of over 100 different factors that directly affect the position of your website in the search results. These include: page structure, loading speed, elements of UX (usability and navigation), content (content, graphics, keywords, title and sub-page descriptions), security and mobile version.

For offsite activities, we review the profile of links pointing to your website - from the beginning. We remove the weakest links that are in no way related to the theme of the website. The document you receive from us is not only an analysis of the current situation. It is also a professionally prepared recommendation, i.e. a proposal for specific solutions for the development of the website - the most beneficial from a marketing and business point of view, adapted to your expectations and the specifics of the industry.

Is your website 100% usable and friendly - for users, for Google? Order an SEO audit and see how you compare to your competitors.

Our cooperation does not have to end with the creation of an audit. Let us also stay in touch during the phase of implementing optimisation recommendations. Our SEO specialists will be happy to help your IT department- they will draw up a clear timetable for implementation and check the correctness of the individual implementations.

How can you increase the visibility of your website on the Internet?
First, check it for errors.
Order an SEO audit!

Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry

Better positioning of your website in search results means more visibility for your business on the Internet. Find out what you can do to be more accessible to your Customers.
Order an SEO audit from us!

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Do you want to achieve a high position in the organic search results?
First check whether your website meets Google's current standards.
Order an SEO audit!

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