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The SEO strategy defines a plan and an idea of positioning activities for a specific website. We base our strategies on a thorough SEO audit that allows us to first diagnose the challenges faced by the website's technical development, content availability and linking sophistication.

We increase the effectiveness of your SEO through analysis and planning. We determine a positioning strategy that is aligned with your goals and the stage of your website.

The successful positioning of a website in Google search is influenced by many factors such as content, linking and technical optimisation. In addition, there are different SEO goals that can be achieved in different ways. SEO strategies determine the balance of these components to position your website in Google as effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Learn how to plan an effective strategy for positioning your website in Google. Find out which SEO strategy is best for your business.
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The most important advantages

What do you gain from a well-thought-out SEO strategy?



of the current situation and possible developments.


A precise action plan

covering technical and content aspects.


Ability to monitor

impact and check progress of positioning in relation to objectives and initial assumptions.


Advantage over competitors

who operate on the basis of assumptions and in the dark.

Be sure of a good investment in positioning. Act on a well thought out plan and gain even more organic traffic.
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The evolution of technology has changed shopping habits - most consumers use the search engine first before making a purchase decision. SEO for e-commerce, thanks to which your website is displayed for specific user search queries, allows you to efficiently reach the largest possible group of potential Customers.

How do you develop a positioning strategy? We place special emphasis on elements such as:


We carry out a thorough SEO audit

We ensure that we plan actions based on a reliable diagnosis of the current situation. We examine and interpret data from analysis tools (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SemStorm). The information obtained in this way is translated into an action and optimisation plan that helps with further positioning.


We set priorities and goals for the positioning

Do you want to focus on a specific market, selected products, a specific Customer group, extremely converting phrases or a specific season? We adjust activities so that all efforts are directed towards this goal.


We plan the optimisation and development of the technical aspects of your website

SEO depends heavily on website optimisation. We create clear instructions for the developers on how to implement the optimisation changes. We go even further by suggesting development paths for your website.


We create a link building plan

We examine the link structure of your website, sort it and concentrate on acquiring new valuable links. We build our own backlinks or use external services, depending on the quality and budget of the campaign.


We develop a plan for content development and optimisation

Content is not only product descriptions on the website, but also category descriptions, blog posts, knowledge bases or articles and external publications. We plan the topic of the publication, determine the necessary wording and propose publication in specific media within the defined budget.


We choose the right phrases depending on the objectives

Keywords, i.e. search queries with which a company, product or service can be found in the Google search engine. Based on the analysis, we select the right list of phrases that will be reflected in the structure of the website as well as in the texts and links.


We improve the position of websites in the Google ranking by analysing and planning positioning measures. Would you like to know what the SEO strategy for your company should look like?
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

Organic traffic is the basis for the growth of many TOP companies. Use the potential of the search engine!
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