SXO audits

By analysing the user experience - UX - elements of SEO, we design a clear path of user interaction with the website that allows the user to move seamlessly from the sub-page they came to to the landing page they should be on to generate conversions.

With an SXO audit, we will check how effective your SEO is and to what extent you actually care about the user experience - the usability of your website from the user's point of view. We will show you what the results are and, most importantly, how this affects the development (or stagnation) of your business in the e-commerce market.

SXO (Search Experience Optimisation) is an e-marketing strategy that combines classic SEO and UX (including content), where the user experience is what matters most, in addition to a website's position in the organic search results, and the goal is to attract as many new Customers as possible.

How do Customers rate your website?
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An SXO audit, which combines independent analyses of SEO, UX and content, prepared jointly by specialists from a single agency, is a factual analysis of the state of a website that comprehensively discusses all possible irregularities that, even on the smallest scale, reduce sales potential and hinder the development of your business on the Internet.

Among the SEO elements we check (among others):


Linking profile



Website responsiveness



Page load time



Search engine ranking

of the website.


Quality and effectiveness

of a landing page.


Competitor actions

(benchmarking) in terms of gaining links to the website.


Among the elements of UX we check (among others):



into devices (mobile, desktop).



coming to the site (including keywords).



spent on page (analysis of interest in content).


User journey

(including clicks, page views, bounce rate).


Clickthrough maps

(places most clicked by users).


User behaviour

on the website (records of user sessions).


As part of our UX analysis, we also conduct a usability audit of content.
We check (among other things):


The search potential

of the website (quantity and quality of content).



of the Meta Tags (title, description) in relation to CTR.



of the match of the website's content with the user's search query.



of the website compared to competitors in terms of quantity and quality of content.



of internal navigation (how easy is it to navigate the website).


Behavioural factors

that influence the rating of your website by the search engines' algorithms.

Would you like to know how Customers rate the sales potential of your shop?
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Each Search Experience Optimisation audit contains practical recommendations, the implementation of which will enable you to eliminate errors and comprehensively improve the functioning of your website. We will suggest what should be added, removed or enhanced - and how you can do it to make the site more successful:


Better conversion (including sales)

by improving both the visibility of the website in organic results and the user experience.


More page views

the better a website's position in Google's rankings, the greater users' trust in your business.


Longer session duration and higher CTR

when users find all the information they need on your website, they visit it more often and stay longer. As a result, they perform the actions you want them to perform.

Better traffic, more conversions, higher profits.
Order an SXO audit and check what else you can do to make your website an effective, sales-promoting tool.
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The user data collected thanks to effective SEO enables constant optimisation of activities to promote the website in search results (content marketing, link building). On the one hand, by precisely targeting a well-defined group of recipients, which strengthens the desired brand image and provides valuable links. On the other hand, the analysis of the behaviour of the recipients visiting the website enables effective use of the acquired traffic for efficient implementation of the defined key performance indicators - KPIs.

Let us talk about your website sales opportunities! Contact us and order an SXO audit.

By implementing optimisation recommendations jointly developed by SEO, UX and content marketing specialists, you will receive reliable insights that will help you improve the functioning of your website so that it becomes valuable for indexing robots and friendly (useful) for its visitors - your potential Customers.
You will increase the visibility of your business on the Internet (organic search), improving the following factors: click-through rate, conversion rate. As a result, you will start achieving satisfactory sales results.

How can you improve the usability of your website and generate (even) more conversions?
You will find the most effective solutions in the SXO audit.
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Case Study


Producer of gardening equipment


E-commerce fashion industry


Online shop with high quality products for children. The Scandinavian origin of the products is combined with excellent quality and design.

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