Acting in sync with the mobile trend, we build the presence of the brand on the Internet.

We use mobile trend to increase the area for your brand's online activities.

We create advertising creations in the Google Display Network that are friendly to both mobile devices and users. We reach your customers precisely, no matter where they are - on the bus, on a walk, in a café or at work.



We increase the value of the website from the point of view of Google

ŁWe combine SEO and SXO (Search Experience Optimization) activities to effectively optimize websites to meet current mobile standards and user preferences at the same time. Responding to the needs of users and Google, we increase the visibility of the website in the natural search results. 

We show how to improve the mobile website to achieve its goals.

By putting emphasis on user experience, we analyze the role of the mobile website on the shopping path. We indicate which analytical tools should be implemented to make the use of the website more pleasant and bring measurable results: conversion, sales – profit.




 “Mobile marketing allows you to be where and when your customer needs it. Using the possibilities offered by geolocation, it enables precise adjustment of an advertising message responding to the current needs of an individual recipient - sent in real time, via a mobile device (smartphone, tablet).”  


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