We reach anonymous users visiting the online store and turn them into customers.

Dynamic retargeting is the best tool for e-commerce, especially when sales are not based on impulse. It ensures activity in the era of automation of sales processes and real time marketing, building brand awareness in order to increase the purchasing potential of the customer.

Using dynamic remarketing (Google Ads, e-mail retargeting), we re-engage users who have scrolled through your purchases or left your site without any action.

We recover abandoned baskets

Within 12 hours, we reach your potential customers with a personalised, behaviourally targeted message that matches their purchase intentions. Among other things: a general offer, an offer to sell a specific product or a single service, a promotion for a selected product category..

  • We display advertisements to a strictly defined group of recipients interested in your offer,
  • We direct personalised product messages based on user behaviour on the website,
  • We reach users who have abandoned their shopping cart. We present them with alternative variants of the offer they were browsing (cheaper and more expensive version of the product/service).

We optimize sales

Data about your potential customers, enriched with a phone number, integrates e-mail retargeting with mobile communication. SMS campaigns, preceded by mailing, make it possible to personalize messages based on the history of the recipient's online behaviour, thus reaching precisely defined, narrow groups of key recipients. As a result, they allow even higher conversions to be achieved.

  • We support promotional activities, e.g. by displaying discount coupons,
  • We complement cross-selling by: displaying complementary products / services, etc.
  • We complement up-selling by, among other things, displaying higher-standard products/services.


“Retargeting uses cookies to recognize your browser activity. In this way, an anonymous recipient visiting a website (website or online shop) is identified by a code placed on it in the email database of the company that provides the retargeting services. This allows you to send messages with predefined content to encourage you to return to the site or to continue shopping.”


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