Google penalties - that is, about filters and banners of words a few

Added 18.09.2019

Google uses an arsenal of preventative measures against dishonest positioners. The most serious weapons are Google penalties: algorithms, bans, filters, even the SQT (SearchQuality Team) responsible for the quality of search results.

SEO actions = Google penalties!

The website is a little bit like a small child. It needs to be looked after with the same care: feeding the highest quality content, reacting - with sensitivity but also consistency - when there are problems on the horizon.

Fear of the consequences of unprofessional SEO activities is not unjustified. Cooperation with inexperienced specialists, who do not honor Google's guidelines for Webmasters, actually increases the risk of website decline from the position occupied in search results.


Filters are a milder form of punishment. We divide them into two types: manual and algorithmic. The first one is imposed by the SQT team (a branch of Google specializing in monitoring the quality of search results) as a result of breaking Google's guidelines for Webmasters. Granting a manual filter means removing from the search results a specific part of the site - the one that requires changes in accordance with the current standards.

The algorithmic filter, as the name suggests, is assigned by Google's algorithm automatically. Receipt of this filter indicates a very large negligence in relation to the condition of the website, which was committed by its owner. It is not difficult to imagine how poor quality must be, if it has been noticed by search engine robots.


Bans are often confused with filters. However, while filters are partially applied to a page, the banns are applied to the entire page. A "banned" page simply disappears from the search results. Bans are awarded very rarely; never for external factors. This is Google's "luxury" punishment that really deserves to be earned.

What do you get a BAN for?

  • duplication of content from other websites,
  • use of the so-called "DoorwayPage" (services which, after clicking on them, redirect the user to another website),
  • hiding text and links with artificially saturated key phrases (e.g. a white inscription on a white background),
  • using the so-called "Cloaking" (creating a website in such a way that the content visible by the search engine is different - better - than the one seen by the users).

It is said that there is no situation without a solution. The imposition of severe penalties on the website by Google is a serious crisis, but its harmful effects can be mitigated. The prerequisite is that the required changes are implemented and that unfair SEO practices are stopped.

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