Analytical tools

Using complementary services within the Google Marketing Platform, we test, measure and optimize integrated advertising campaigns.

We continuously monitor the profitability of the campaign

We investigate which marketing strategies work best for you. This allows us to make the right decisions to improve the effectiveness of our campaigns. Without the risk of compromising the quality of both the messages themselves and the experience of the users to whom we direct our advertisements.



We know your customers very well and we understand them even better

We collect integrated data on user purchasing intentions from a variety of sources - Analytisc 360, Optimize 360, Tag Manager 360, Surveys 360 and Data Studio. This way, we can quickly and accurately identify the profile of your most valuable customer.

We automate daily processes to focus on the most important thing: increasing your sales.

Intelligent Google tools automatically adjust trends and patterns of advertisements to the campaign. Saved valuable time is spent on planning and efficient implementation of subsequent strategic actions aimed at higher ROI.




 “Google Marketing Platform is a unified advertising and analytical platform. By skilfully using the existing integration between Double Click and Google Analytics 360 services, it allows for even more effective campaign management and maximization of ROI.”


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