Marketing Automation

A well-prepared strategy transforms potential customers into satisfied ones, and the content delivered to them responds to specific needs at each stage of the sales process – facilitates building trust.

Marketing Automation is in line with the idea of inbound marketing, which owes its effectiveness to customer loyalty. Contrary to the patterns, we conduct non-obtrusive advertising campaigns, promoting the products and services that your customers need the most at this point in time.

Using remarketing, dynamic recommendations and personalized e-mail and SMS communication more than ever, we combine marketing and sales activities. This way we achieve specific goals. We win new customers, increase the base of returning customers, multiply profits and reduce service costs.


Marketing Automation dla B2B

In B2B sales, the relationship with the buyer is crucial. Due to the multi-stage decision- making process and high risk of unsuccessful investment, customers rarely make a purchase at the first contact with the brand. When implementing marketing automation, we deliberately plan the overall sales process of your products and services dedicated to the business customer:

  • We carefully segment the customer base.,
  • We prepare potential buyers for the purchase, gradually bringing them closer to your offer.
  • We personalize communication for each of the groups of recipients depending on the sales stage.

Marketing Automation w e-commerce

Consumers, having at their disposal product comparators, can browse the offer of thousands of online shops in a matter of moments. As a result, it is difficult to win new customers and maintain regular ones. Thanks to Marketing Automation we build strong relationships with buyers, eliminating the risk of abandoning the basket.

  • We stop visitors who leave without making a purchase,
  • we encourage our existing customers to return more often and make regular purchases,ów,
  • we increase customer retention to prevent customers from moving to competition.


Through constantly monitoring and analysing of user behaviour within your website, we optimize and systematically improve the adopted solutions. In this way, we use the full potential of tools available in the field of Marketing Automation, which in practice translates into maximizing sales results.

“Marketing Automation helps to generate leads, build customer loyalty and increase sales by automating customer reach channels - social media, e-mail, SMS - using declarative, transactional and behavioural data and personalized advertising messages.”


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