Video Ads

We help brands to be active in places where users can find content.

Through YouTube we initiate user’s contact with the brand

We use all the advertising formats on YouTube (in-stream, video Discovery) to effectively reach the audience you care about the most. This way we increase the reach of your brand on the homepage and YouTube search engine, in partner websites or applications.



We increase the online visibility of the brand

We tell engaging stories through videos on Facebook and Instagram Stories. What's behind your brand?

We combine the potential of social media with the possibilities offered by programmatic technology.

We use programmatic to display your message in the most popular information and entertainment services, not only in Poland. Thanks to RTB (Real Time Building) we know exactly where and when to broadcast an advertisement so that it is visible only to a specific group of recipients.




 “Video Ads is an advertising format used in conjunction with a variety of web-based videos. They combine the dynamics of TV advertising with the targeting capabilities of online advertising.”. 


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